Product Development

Packaging Development:

We offer integrated packaging solutions; starting from material development, primary and secondary packaging design, to technology development and support.

At BDO Jordan Ltd., we focus on what brands do and why they do it. This engages creative ideas and insight in packaging solutions. We reach the heart of what success means for brands and consumers.

BDO Jordan Ltd. brings inspiration at every step in the process, from the beginning of the market realization. We start with a deep understanding of the consumer, move to cutting-edge design, printing and production, and deliver the special brand that is based upon the consumer’s needs.



BDO Jordan Ltd. provides you with marketing plans, and come up with ideas to promote your business with smart solutions that sets out clear, realistic marketing goals and objectives; we help you get practical actions to achieve them.


Product Valuation:

We focus on all areas of the service, branding, product management process. From the planning, through launch to evaluation, we will work with you on valuating and developing phases.

We invest time in understanding current and future product / service needs, so we can help identify potential improvements to ensure optimum performance

Business Advisory

Management Consultancy:

We offer help and advice to start-up businesses and give them a wide range of management consultancy expertise specially tailored to support their needs in order to sustain the growth.

Whether you need strategic and business planning, marketing strategy, new quality systems within your organization or any financial appraisals, BDO Jordan Ltd. team can provide you with the full support.


Business Development:

BDO Jordan Ltd. offers a growth fast-track for your business, sharing our experiences in having a clear idea of how to achieve your goals; this includes post-start support, annual business review, and strategic evaluations with a clear action plan, advice and guidance to newly self-employed firms.