About BDO Jordan:

Business Advisory services were first established in 1994 as a division under Nobani & Co., as for the reason of independency and due to the demand and growth of this service, the company believed that operating two separate entities will allow each one to focus on its specialties.

In 2003, BDO Jordan Ltd. was registered as an independent company and started to focus on Business Advisory and Product Development sharing the experiences to help the clients achieve their goals; this includes post-start support, annual business review, and strategic evaluations with a clear action plan, advice and guidance to newly self-employed firms.
BDO Jordan Ltd. also help clients understand the value of their services and/or products, as well as helping them realize, observe, evaluate and manage all important elements of their brand identity.


To be recognized as a leading icon involved in the packaging, development and consultancy world.
To promote the science, design, engineering, technology and sustainable development.
BDO Jordan Ltd. provides management, qualification, professional recognition and development; we deliver knowledge, information and networking services to our domestic & international customers.


At BDO Jordan Ltd., we believe that establishing a close relationship with our clients is the best way to achieve customer satisfaction, and we constantly work with the customer service focus that sets us apart.


At BDO Jordan Ltd., Creativity and Innovation are strategic factors to which we are firmly committed through the continuous support of our R&D and Engineering departments in the search for new knowledge that anticipate market needs.

Our Team

A team of people made up of highly qualified professionals.  At BDO Jordan Ltd., there is no doubt that its main benefit is made up of the people in the organization.  BDO Jordan Ltd. business development and packaging takes care of that human constituent by promoting their personal development and professional education, dedicating considerable resources to ensure professional creations.

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